The end of the 19th century saw a mass emigration of Japanese individuals and families to Peru. The most evident manifestations of this Japanese migration was their influence on the Peruvian cuisine, known as the Nikkei Cuisine.


One of the most popular tastes of 21st century gastronomy, the Nikkei, which is a cross pollination between Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, transforms local Peruvian dishes using Japanese flavors and techniques, resulting in its own personality and identity. Ají brings together its take on Nikkei cuisine with flavor combinations that will intrigue your palate, with the unique marrying of ingredients, combinations, textures, and cooking techniques.
Our portions are served as small plates to allow you to choose multiple items from our menu and share them between the table. Dishes will leave the kitchen and will be served as they are prepared and as soon as they are ready, which will create an interactive dining experience.


Ají houses a team of the best bartenders in the city, who have the firm belief in defying the norms.
Our drinks menu, is not only a treat for the eyes – It is created to excite every sense of the human body, and how. It’s a fusion in true sense from Peruvian Pisco to Japanese Sake.
The perfect beach side terrace with an outdoor bar truly set’s Ají apart – giving Dubai’s niche yet another reason to fall in love with the stunning views of the city’s shoreline.


From Friday brunch to Ladies night, Ají sets itself apart by creating a unique lifestyle of its own. Enjoy sundowners by the beach every day of the week, or party it up on the weekend courtesy our resident DJ, furthermore come in to witness an unbelievably high level of culinary expertise on show.
With something special every single day at Ají, it is where you can return over again, yet have an experience never felt before.